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6:17pm 07-23-2015
ellan Dodson
Am doing Gen research & LOVE info you provide...thanks !!
9:18pm 06-30-2015
Rick Lester
Fantastic site. I am awaiting for my vote on July 20th 2015 to enter the Blue Lodge. After my 3 degrees work I'm looking forward to progressing my Masonic knowledge.
3:28am 06-06-2015
matthias david todd
9/11 Documentary-birth of treason,
watch time through 45:00-1:03
Implosion world Explosive Demolition Compilation 2003
9:19pm 03-05-2015
Dr. Lawrence Kent
I'm 80 and hold 51 degrees/orders of Freemasonry, almost all attained at the Dayton Masonic Temple, with some in Orlando and Tampa FL. I lived in Beverly Hills & Sherman Oaks 1961-1967. I returned and lived in Hollywood, Reseda, and in Southern Hills on north slope of Mount San Bruno overlooking San Francisco. Now in my 6th period of residence in Greater Dayton Area.Served in Regular Army & Reserves 1956-1962. As a real Winter Soldier, served over two bitterly cold
winters in war-torn Korea 1956-1958. Enjoyed the history on this site and sure like the music. I'd like to obtain a recording of it. What is the title of music and who is the artist? I was once very active in The Craft and appendant bodies. Now have lung and several mobility problems (use a cane ) so no longer drive & can't be active anymore. -Dr. Kent
8:40am 03-03-2015
there is no petition to fill out on:
9:26am 02-17-2015
sheik asweem
I am desirous in becoming a member of the Scottish Rite in Guyana
9:22am 02-17-2015
sheik asweem
excellent information.......
10:26pm 02-11-2015
Roger Roberts
I am a Master Mason in Saddleback Laguna Lodge, Lake Forest, CA. I moved to Palm Desert, CA a couple of years ago. I was interested in learning more about Scottish Rite in my area. Thank you for your help.
1:59pm 01-21-2015
Nice map but please change the title - Streets does not have an apostrophe.
12:34am 01-12-2015
Emilio A. Palen
I'm a member of the Free & Accepted Mason of the Philippines and has a desire to become a Scottish Rite Mason in California. Any advise please.
Fraternally Yours, Emilio A Palen Sogod Bay Lodge #337 F&AM Philippines
12:22am 01-12-2015
Byron Ware
I truly enjoyed the information I am a member ofthe Supreme Council of America and I am a K.C.C.H.
6:04pm 01-10-2015
Brother Loomis
I am a member of the Vally of Southern New Jersery Scottish Rite 32 deg mason and I want to thank you on your excellent article about the various caps.
Fraternally yours Donald G Loomis JW Elmer Lodge 160 F&AM
5:10am 12-24-2014
Brother Anatol
Thanks for this excellent site!
Fraternally, Anatol Sternschuss, 32*, LA Valley
9:05am 12-19-2014
Bro. Ronald D. Finn
I am a member of the Scottish Lodges in Scotland my Lodge is Shalom No. 1600. I am the instruction Master and I mam trying to get the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degrees of the Scottish Rights Lodges. If you can oblige me I would be pleased.

Yours fraternally R. D. Finn P.M. Lodge Shalom no.1600
12:19pm 11-17-2014
Mike Scholl
I was just inducted last weekend in the Cincinnati Valley. It was an experience I'll never forget, inspired me to go on-line and read more about the other degrees. Hopefully I'll be able to complete my passport over the next several years. My grandfather 1949, my father 1971, me 2014, my son............
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