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11:38am 05-09-2017
Greg Niskanen
Please review our contact info to better reflect the actual info.
Greg Niskanen
General Secretary
Stockton Scottish Rite
209 466-3391

7:43am 05-04-2017
I am a Past Master Counselor of the Pensula DeMolay Chapter, 1960.
Is there any history around about the DeMolay Chapter?
2:31pm 04-18-2017
Dennis Sproule
I have my mother's red tartan skirt and jacket. It is pure wool and hand made in London. Is there anyone that would want it? I hate to just give it to Good Will because it is an original and in great condition. The Sproule name comes from the Isle of Bute in Scotland.
9:21pm 04-15-2017
This site has helped me so much! Thank you!
2:02pm 04-14-2017
Aaron Washington
Hope this message finds you, your family, and orient in good health and spirits.

Kindest regards,
Aaron Washington, 33
6:03pm 03-14-2017
This is a very inform site
10:54am 02-15-2017
Donald Heath
Great website!
4:39am 01-22-2017
Great site. The Cont streets page no 2 does not take you to page no 3.
10:13pm 11-29-2016
Wayne Swindell
November 24, 2016

Scottish Rite Research Society
My name is Wayne Swindell 33

Grand Commander In Chief and I am a Life Member of the Scottish Rite Research Society #009844853. I have question about meeting protocol I have researched all of my books and I can’t find an answer in my ritual.

How do I give Grand Honors to the Grand Master or the Sovereign Grand Inspector General when he enters a meeting of the Consistory or Grand (State) Consistory meeting? At our last meeting, I give him an arch of steel. As the Grand Commander In Chief I took my sword out and coming from present to a downward direction three times? Was that the proper salute? I ordered the Grand to be escorted to a place of honor next to me in the East next to me. Please advise or correct me as to the proper procedure.

You can contact me at (P) 310-713-2917, (F) 310-327-2059 or email:
2:51pm 10-14-2016
Most helpful in my quest to learn the reasons & history of the 11 Brothers & their labors in 1801.
8:43pm 08-03-2016
Robert Mazeres
Thank you for the outstanding report on your growth over the years. My blue load is the La Parfaite Union#17 in San Francisco (AKA as the French Lodge) I am a 50 year plus member of my lodge.

I am interested in learning more about masonry through the Scotish Rite.
Would you please consider sending me an ap to:

42 Sprauer Rd
Petaluma, Ca 94952

Thank you once again.

Robert Bob Mazeres
1:26pm 06-04-2016
One of the greatest web pages I've ever seen!
3:00pm 02-21-2016
Keenan Ward
I tried to click on the link to sign up for the 4-32 degree course. The linked did not work
11:24am 02-12-2016
Efren Prado
Fraternal greetings...hello all across the Orients from California.
7:51am 01-22-2016
carlo pasqualetti
what about the second centenary (1816-2016) of the death of Brother John Mitchell ? Thank You .
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