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11:54am 09-25-2017
Bob McNamara
This site is terribly out of date and needs to be fixed. Bob McNamara, General Secretary, Orange County Valley
11:49pm 09-13-2017
Joseph M. Cullen
I am a Master Mason Lodge 437,Lancaster California.I would like information regarding searching for more light. I am interested in forwarding my search in the this rite. I want the road traveled by my brothers,not the one day ritual. Any information you can give me about how to achieve this.or where to start would be appreciated.I look forward to your reply and any way I can learn and fulfill my journey,would be most honored and appreciated. Thank you respectfully submitted,as a brother In search of more knowledge. Joseph M. Cullen,California City,California. Thank you for your time.
11:25pm 08-23-2017
Bro Keith A.Givehand
What I read was very informative always striving to learn more, I been traveling for 35 years this I can use to express to the younger brothers
6:38pm 08-02-2017
mike runkle
Don, thank you for the great info. Do any groups go on a tour of this. I would go if one was available.
Mike Runkle Lodge 352 Durham NC
I will be here until Aug 6th
11:38am 05-09-2017
Greg Niskanen
Please review our contact info to better reflect the actual info.
Greg Niskanen
General Secretary
Stockton Scottish Rite
209 466-3391

7:43am 05-04-2017
I am a Past Master Counselor of the Pensula DeMolay Chapter, 1960.
Is there any history around about the DeMolay Chapter?
2:31pm 04-18-2017
Dennis Sproule
I have my mother's red tartan skirt and jacket. It is pure wool and hand made in London. Is there anyone that would want it? I hate to just give it to Good Will because it is an original and in great condition. The Sproule name comes from the Isle of Bute in Scotland.
9:21pm 04-15-2017
This site has helped me so much! Thank you!
2:02pm 04-14-2017
Aaron Washington
Hope this message finds you, your family, and orient in good health and spirits.

Kindest regards,
Aaron Washington, 33
6:03pm 03-14-2017
This is a very inform site
10:54am 02-15-2017
Donald Heath
Great website!
4:39am 01-22-2017
Great site. The Cont streets page no 2 does not take you to page no 3.
10:13pm 11-29-2016
Wayne Swindell
November 24, 2016

Scottish Rite Research Society
My name is Wayne Swindell 33

Grand Commander In Chief and I am a Life Member of the Scottish Rite Research Society #009844853. I have question about meeting protocol I have researched all of my books and I can’t find an answer in my ritual.

How do I give Grand Honors to the Grand Master or the Sovereign Grand Inspector General when he enters a meeting of the Consistory or Grand (State) Consistory meeting? At our last meeting, I give him an arch of steel. As the Grand Commander In Chief I took my sword out and coming from present to a downward direction three times? Was that the proper salute? I ordered the Grand to be escorted to a place of honor next to me in the East next to me. Please advise or correct me as to the proper procedure.

You can contact me at (P) 310-713-2917, (F) 310-327-2059 or email:
2:51pm 10-14-2016
Most helpful in my quest to learn the reasons & history of the 11 Brothers & their labors in 1801.
8:43pm 08-03-2016
Robert Mazeres
Thank you for the outstanding report on your growth over the years. My blue load is the La Parfaite Union#17 in San Francisco (AKA as the French Lodge) I am a 50 year plus member of my lodge.

I am interested in learning more about masonry through the Scotish Rite.
Would you please consider sending me an ap to:

42 Sprauer Rd
Petaluma, Ca 94952

Thank you once again.

Robert Bob Mazeres
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