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11:16am 05-21-2014
Barbara Rosner
God bless you all!! My Shriner, Myron David Rosner, loved you all very much. He passed away in Las Vegas in abt 1997, where he was a Shrine Clown. Your Masonic groups made his life so full and happy. I didn't understand the brotherhood that you all had (at the time of my life with Myron) but now I do understand!! I'm a Rosicrucian now. I did join the Eastern Star years back, but again, I didn't really understand what you were all about!! At any rate, I appreciate all the Masonic friends Myron had in the Los Angeles area (and Denver area...where he was born).
Thanks much, Barb Rosner
Redding, CA
7:45am 03-23-2014
alexandra robertson
My Grandfather was honoured with the 33rd Degree at Perth Lodge when the Lodge was situated in Tay Street. Next Month I will be initiated as a Third Degree Woman Mason, and I find it very interesting and informative the information on the 33rd Degree, I now realise that I have lot to live up to where my Grandfather was concerned, but I know that Grandfather taught his bairn well when he passed on his principles and high standards on how a Freemason should act..
2:56pm 03-09-2014
John Houser
Good day to you my Masonic Brothers. I am excited to be joining your ranks in the next couple of months!
4:39am 02-23-2014
Samuel Kim
I appreciate the information on the website, the contributions to the community the scottish rite organization gives and freely brings forth action a positive environment along with opportunities.
1:43pm 01-05-2014
L J Chisholm 33
I regret not having this with me when I was in Charleston. Next trip. Thank you.
1:50pm 12-18-2013
Autrey Triplett
Hello Sir,
I am a Mason in need of being "healed" and raised to the 4th degree (red house) I am originally from chicago and hve been away from my lodge more than 5 years. Please let me know what actions I may need to take. I am still in contact with my WM and may still be able to get a copy of my due card. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
7:51am 12-12-2013
Thomas Rex Campbell
PS Correction: should be Longitude Lane! The McClures were from SW Scotland and were Jacobites, left after Prince Charles Edward was defeated at Culloden so many did. But they became Loyalists once they got to the Colonies!
7:48am 12-12-2013
Thomas Rex Campbell
There should be NO apostrophe after the word "Street" in your title!! Detracts from the EXCELLENT contact and all the work you put into the site.
My ancestors are listed in the first Charleston Directory as living at 40 The Bay (house gone, numbering changed), then a few years later at 7 Tradd which is still there (being constructed of brick escaped fires). Office/shop bottom floor (they were merchants), family living upstairs, slaves in back (Latitude Lane). Mentioned in 1st Federal Census 1790.
Best regards.
9:08am 12-09-2013
Very good site, I appreciate the information here.

1:30pm 11-03-2013
Lewis Rhames
I am intrigued to know more about your organization, having just spoken with a member visiting my workplace. His compassionately intellectual approach and firm sense of societal purpose reflects exactly the values I espouse. I'm in Monterey; where may I personally contact another member to pursue this inspiration?
12:27pm 10-05-2013
Dorothy K Morris
p.s. My DAR Patriot is Nathan LeGare.
12:25pm 10-05-2013
Dorothy K Morris
In 1728 there were two hurricanes: Aug 13-14 and Sep 14. In Aug, the hurricane hit landfall south of Charleston. In the latter, Charleston was hit and 23 ships were driven ashore. Seas overflowed the town and all lowlands, doing great damage.
6:53pm 09-28-2013
David Freed

I just completed the Scottish Rite rituals with my class today.
Reading your site to relook some of what we learned and
experienced. Your site is "right on" it.

Many thanks,

Bro' David Freed
Empire Lodge # 213, A.F.M
Mauldin, SC

Scottish Rite
Valley of Greenville, SC
8:43am 08-08-2013
je veux m'informer plus
9:52am 08-06-2013
Martin Fernandez
I support the center and thank you for supporting the Sacramento Community and the State of California Organizations. I am a returning
Army Veteran, I returned to California in Aug.6, 2010, and Its been 3 years now, and I am looking for an organization to be part to support activities to help out others.

Martin Fernandez
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