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12:25am 12-04-2019
As a prospective member, it is disappointing to see a website with a schedule of events for 2015, and we are a few days away from 2020. Come on man. Where is the pride?
12:01pm 11-09-2019
Bob Powell
Brothers, I have a candidate for Scottish Rite and going to your fill out the form there is no submit button. what good is the form?
I can be reached at when you figure it out. Past retired Scottish Rite California Webmaster
7:52am 08-05-2019
Craig Miller
I hope I submitted my application correctly... instructions said to hit submit button but did not see a submit button....
9:18pm 05-29-2019
I'm leaving my thoughts about the site.

If you want a professional opinion, because I design sites for a living, this is not a professional looking site.

You have broken links on a couple of the pages.
The formatting on 1 or 2 pages is horrible.
There's no image of Ill:. Frank Loui.
I think you're trying to bring it over to a Wordpress site, and even for something like that, the site is not impressive.

If the developers are in the middle of the transfer from the old server to a wordpress site, they should be shot because it looks like they are in the middle of the transfer, and then stopped when the clock hit 5 PM.

If I was designing the site, or left it in the state that the site is currently in, my head would be on a pike at the East Gate.

I'm not trying to be rude but if we want prospective members joining the Scottish Rite, and they come to this site, impressions are everything.

Just my 2 cents.
9:25pm 11-04-2018
I would like to attend my instruction near Norwalk in the Scottish Rite, anybody who could text me? My phone number is 572-584-3668
3:56pm 08-08-2018
You did not add in any information about Prioleau St.
Pronounced~Pray Low. I was just trying to find a little history about my last name.
4:30pm 07-27-2018
Danielle Christina F
Hi, Frederick Dalcho had a brother named John, I am descended from him.
2:19am 07-25-2018
Denise Deschamps
Denise D - Belgium (14th degree)
I will visit Charleston in 18-19 of August 2018. my purpose is to go on the steps of my forfarthers Freemason. This site is exactley what I am looking for; Thank you.
I am a little worried though that Bob McNamara says that it needs to be updated. I hope I can rely on it for the mains spots.
10:05pm 05-28-2018
John Gowen
I came to your site looking for information about the Reunion on June 29th. Nothing is there. Is it cancelled? This might be something that you would want to have posted and include a downloadable application for meal registration and credentials, if for no other reason then to keep your Secretary’s work load down.

Thank you,

10:23pm 04-28-2018
Patrick R. Esteban

I am just visiting your web site. I am a newly raised Master Mason from France Drake Lodge #376 in South San Francisco, CA. Greetings!

Patrick R. Esteban
1:55pm 03-23-2018
David H Gaither
A very impressive website. Having relocated to Santa Clara County, California, in 2007 and affiliated with Liberty Lodge #299 in Santa Clara I still maintain my Scottish Rite membership in the Valley of New York City. I hold the Meritorious Service Award in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. I hope to attend the San Jose Valley's Feast of the Paschal Lamb on Thursday, March 29th, 2018.
11:54am 09-25-2017
Bob McNamara
This site is terribly out of date and needs to be fixed. Bob McNamara, General Secretary, Orange County Valley
11:49pm 09-13-2017
Joseph M. Cullen
I am a Master Mason Lodge 437,Lancaster California.I would like information regarding searching for more light. I am interested in forwarding my search in the this rite. I want the road traveled by my brothers,not the one day ritual. Any information you can give me about how to achieve this.or where to start would be appreciated.I look forward to your reply and any way I can learn and fulfill my journey,would be most honored and appreciated. Thank you respectfully submitted,as a brother In search of more knowledge. Joseph M. Cullen,California City,California. Thank you for your time.
11:25pm 08-23-2017
Bro Keith A.Givehand
What I read was very informative always striving to learn more, I been traveling for 35 years this I can use to express to the younger brothers
6:38pm 08-02-2017
mike runkle
Don, thank you for the great info. Do any groups go on a tour of this. I would go if one was available.
Mike Runkle Lodge 352 Durham NC
I will be here until Aug 6th
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