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12:25pm 10-05-2013
Dorothy K Morris
In 1728 there were two hurricanes: Aug 13-14 and Sep 14. In Aug, the hurricane hit landfall south of Charleston. In the latter, Charleston was hit and 23 ships were driven ashore. Seas overflowed the town and all lowlands, doing great damage.
6:53pm 09-28-2013
David Freed

I just completed the Scottish Rite rituals with my class today.
Reading your site to relook some of what we learned and
experienced. Your site is "right on" it.

Many thanks,

Bro' David Freed
Empire Lodge # 213, A.F.M
Mauldin, SC

Scottish Rite
Valley of Greenville, SC
8:43am 08-08-2013
je veux m'informer plus
9:52am 08-06-2013
Martin Fernandez
I support the center and thank you for supporting the Sacramento Community and the State of California Organizations. I am a returning
Army Veteran, I returned to California in Aug.6, 2010, and Its been 3 years now, and I am looking for an organization to be part to support activities to help out others.

Martin Fernandez
11:23am 08-02-2013
Steven G. Casciola
To all those who are positively curious and reading these pages, welcome to the great light of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Ultimately, it's deepest secrets lie within each person like yourself. A thought to live by: Blending heart and mind towards the eternal as the goal, realizing the oneness of thyself with the eternal though unified consciousness, man know thyself.
4:25am 06-12-2013
Mary-Bradford White
Interesting, informative and fun to read! Like the layout and type.
Enjoyed learning the history of the street names and origins. Fascinating. Thank you!
3:17pm 05-30-2013
Since 2011 I have been searching for my Granddads' Masonic/Shiner history in order to be accepted into the Eastern Star. Although the Grand Lodge has found no record of him, my Granny insists that he was a 32nd degree. I found an article on your website that I hope will get me a step closer to locating the actual lodge he was a brother of at the time of his passing in 1982. Please inform me if you have records that can be researched.
11:29am 05-22-2013
Toni Woods
Please tell us where to purchase 32nd degree Scottish Rite crowns wings down. Awfully difficult to find new
8:42am 05-22-2013
Meri Dame
My grandfather,Arthur LaRoche, was the oldest Mason (33rd degree) in Charleston when he died in 1972.
8:37am 05-22-2013
Meri Dame
Very informative and helpful. There was also a Beresford Alley between Clifford and Princess Streets off of Archdale.
6:50pm 05-08-2013
Wade S. Holland
Thank you!
9:50pm 05-02-2013
Dusty Deryck
Good website.
9:48pm 04-21-2013
Roxanne Johnson
Thank you for granting my daughter a California Scottish Rite Scholarship.
11:02am 04-09-2013
fred simmons
My father was business owner back in th 1950 and 1960 in Chrleston sc 415 Meeting St
Simmons garage
7:55am 04-01-2013
Martha Andreatos
My family is ancestors of Col John Mitchell of Charleston SC. My daughter and her family has just moved to Charleston. Your site has been wonderful in helping us investigate our history. We have enjoyed visiting the addressees listed. Thank you
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